Miracle-Gro Garden Feeder

TheMasterGardener1(5B)July 18, 2012

Anyone use the Miracle gro garden Feeder with good results? Can you adjust the level of nutrients? How do they hold up over time? The idea of it sounds nice.


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Are you talking about the hose-end type sprayers. They're fine. Just remember that they don't measure out the fertilizer at a set rate, they dispense it at its heaviest concentration at first, and it gets progressively weaker -- you can see the dye level in the bottle and in the water coming out get paler and paler. So, you need to distribute the jar full of fertilizer evenly over the intended area by going back and forth swiftly and evenly as you water. But, for the price, they work well.

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Hey thanks for that hint. That will save me a lot of time trying to figure that out. I will remember that when I get it. Thanks a bunch.

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I wouldn't use it for containers (where I use synthetics) due to it's variability and container's lack of buffering ability. It would work ok on the ground if that's what you need it for.

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Thanks for the reply. I was going to use it for containers but was thinking if I should or not for the same reason you just said. I use slow release fertilizer in the garden so I wont need it there either. Good thing I thought about it before I got it. MG all purpose is only a part of my fertilizer program anyway.

Thanks for the response.

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I've been using some slow release fertilizers in containers recently, which reduces the need to fertilize with watering, and also helps with pine bark that's not as composted as I would like in my 5:1:1. In ground, I do mostly organic, and only use synthetics rarely for quick resolution of deficiencies when needed. We actually have one of those units, which my wife used to use in her perennial gardens (which are harder to amend), but it hasn't been used in years since I started composting all the yard waste.

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Yea I was just planning my next years container garden. I am really thinking about using slow release as most of the fertilizing needs. Then use the soluble in between to fit the plants nutrition needs just perfect. I have had great results with Vigoro slow release Tomato and vegetable Plus Calcium. I am sure I can get a larger bag of slow release and save on money. Any suggestions on a slow release that has all needed nutrients? I like the vigoro because it does have a every needed nutrient but I would like to find it in a larger size.

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I got the 4 pack of the bottles. I added about 3tablespoons to a 5 gallon pail of water let it disperse (overnight) and then water the plants with it one morning every 3 weeks. I have only watered it in once so next week will be the second time. It helped with blossom end rot I was experiencing with my better boy hybrids.

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Osmocote is supposed to be pretty good. Unfortunately, I can't get it easily. I'm sure there are others. So I use the MG Shake and Gro. The high nitrogen one doesn't have micros, so I also add them, but the lower nitrogen does, and that's the one I use later in the season. I'm sure there are others. I basically treat them as a base, then add higher quality fertilizers as I go. I wasn't going to use SRF's this year, and just feed more often, but the bark I had wasn't as composted as I like, and so I decided to stick with this strategy, as it worked well before.

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