Leathery leaves with Mushrooms in Tomato Plant Soil

legend88lsJuly 13, 2013

Perhaps those in the know can help? I am new to container gardening and have planted several varieties of tomatoes with a drip irrigation system in place. I am using organic potting mix and compost together and provided adequate drainage, but I cant figure out this one. I have a Fireworks plant in quite a large half wine barrel that has light, leathery leaves and growing more mushrooms than tomatoes! See pic. It's been rather hot and humid here and it's getting full sun (min 8 hrs). I also give it fish emulsion liquid once/2 weeks (1 tbl/2 gallon mix) via watering can. What am I doing wrong? tks in advance.

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I think you will be OK....but here are two thoughts. Tomatoes like uniform/moist soil. Do not let waterlog, however. Also, fish emulsion is liked by many as an adjunct...but make sure you are getting a "complete" fertilizer that includes calcium. Container growing means: feed more often.

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Tks, I will try another complete fertilizer type and see what happens!

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