Regrading under stone patio

John.DMay 4, 2014

We are planning a new stone patio that will start at the wall of our brick house. The soil in this area currently slopes toward the house and we will need to fill it with about 12-16" of material before we make the packed aggregate base for the patio. Should this fill also be packed aggregate? Or will that still allow water infiltration near the foundation? With thanks for your advice!

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The base that is necessary for the patio would stay same no matter where you are building. All the other fill (prior to base) would be tamped fill dirt. No organic matter.

Don't quite understand your question about "allowing water infiltration." A stone over aggregate base is not going to prevent all water infiltration into the soil. The objective will be to grade the surface properly so that storm water runs away from the house. By it's nature, a unit paver over aggregate invites some H20 infiltration.

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Thank you Yardvaark. The question about water infiltration was about the difference between putting fill dirt vs. packed aggregate below the base. I realize that some water will be going through the patio and base, and that the slope will help most, but I didnt know whether (i) soil under the base, or (ii) a thicker layer of aggregate making base, would better prevent water from being near the foundation.

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It sounds to me like you are trying to fix the grade by adding height to it near the house. Depending on how much of your foundation is showing this may not be the best idea, but would be better to remove material on the outsides to slope it away from the house.

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Thanks Lyfia

Yes, we have to add material near the house. Our ability to excavate down elsewhere would undermine a large mature tree, we'd have to do the whole yard, and we'd be 'lower' than all the neighbors yards.

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I'm not a huge fan of compacting soil for under a paver patio. Too many variables in terms of what's in it, and that impacts how well it can be compacted. We generally build up with compactable aggregate (21A or crusher run), compacted in lifts. This is a product that's consistent from lot to lot, quarry to quarry. Most patios fail because of the base.

A standard concrete paver with poly sanded joints is going to allow an average of only 3-5% water infiltration, according to engineering tests. I agree with Yard, pitch the patio appropriately away from the house, don't create pooling spots if you do plant beds between the patio and the house, and you're most of the way there. The rest, hard to say without seeing the site.

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