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tmal14May 8, 2012

My wife and I have bought a house that needs a complete overhaul of all the flower beds. Now that the weather is starting to get nice we are turning our attention on fixing up the front yard and adding some new plants, trees and flowers. I've used this forum for many different ideas, but since this is a large project I'm hoping some of you have some ideas on what we can add and where to add it.

My location is in Cleveland Ohio.

We are looking to expand the front flower bed in the middle of the yard connected to the existing one to fill in some of the space in the front yard area. We are also thinking of adding a bed where the driveway meets the front walk.

Except for some daylillies and small shurbs most everything is dead or dying and will be removed. So basically it's a blank slate.

Any ideas on low maintenance plants, trees or shrubs would be much appreciated. We know we need to add something to the left corner of the house where the pine tree was and also add some foundation plants too, with so many choices hopefully we can get a start in the right direction.

Here are some links to pictures

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This is a large project,You should get different style designs to select.

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Suggest that you move your photos directly into the thread to make them less cumbersome to view. Here's how...

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@Yardvaark Thanks!

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Looking at the overall picture, here's a few suggestions...

Though I don't care for a walkway to feel engulfed by plantings at both sides, I'd consider creating an island (r. side picture) capable of holding a larger tree and groundcover near the driveway. And expand the planting bed @ far left to hold a large tree, shrubs and groundcover.

I'd remove the Birch from in front of the house. It is overwhelming.

If the small tree in front of garage window were a pair of same or similar flanking the window, it would be a better look.

If the plants around the base of the tree in the middle of the yard were the fur of an animal, they'd look like an animal with mange. Instead of that bed being so spotty, I'd plant it uniformly solid with same plant. Also, for a front yard tree it is overdue for raising canopy. I'd start the limbing-up process now, while it's easy and more beneficial to the outcome.

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I feel you have a drainage problem in the sidewalk.This is a chance to change the yard frame to improve curb appeal.

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We were already of thinking of an adding an evergreen to the left side of the house and something else to the new bed on the right.

For the tree what kind do you suggest? Should both be the same for symmetry?

I'm fearful of planting a tree to close to the driveway and having root issues....We actually removed a pine tree from the left side of the house, where it is empty, due to roots going every which way, and I want to avoid that from happening again.

I really like the idea of moving the tree/adding another in front of the garage. Looks much better. Some really great ideas.

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Ditto what Yardvaark said, plus another tall shrub on the left in front of the area with siding.

That said, the tree next to the front door MUST go. It's masking the shape of the house and just looks odd. You should complement the house, not hide its shape, with the plantings. With this house, I'd keep the plantings near the front door low, too.

I'd make most of the low shrubs evergreen, personally. And with that house, a true hedge would fit well.

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