climbing plants and planter size for patio cover

garden.loverMay 9, 2012

hi ,

i'm building my patio cover. I want the have a planter anchored with the post and plant some climbing plants into it.

Could you pls recommend some plants for me? I live in san diego, california.

Also, how about the planter size?

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After some stone and rock anchor the post in the planter,add soil and compost into the planter.Plant hostas,rosemary,ivy,Pyrostegialgnea,callicarpa or beautybush...The planter size should be 2'X2'X4' at lest.

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You should tell us that sun light time(or where face?) and climate zone,or local name.

You could post some pics that show the context and situated and conditions(They are not too close up).
first upload photo to any photo-hosting site.Photobucket and Flickr are examples . While at that photo on the site,
look for a link to "share." Then look for a way of obtaining "html code" (don't select the thumbnail version.)
Copy that code and paste it directly into your message here.

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Thanks for your reply.
Average monthly temperatures range from 57.3 ��F (14.1 ��C) in January to 72.5 ��F (22.5 ��C) in August, although late summer and early autumn are typically the hottest times of the year with temperatures occasionally reaching 90 ��F (32 ��C) or higher.[2] Snow and ice are rare in the wintertime, typically occurring only inland from the coast when present. "May gray and June gloom", a local saying, refers to the way in which San Diego sometimes has trouble shaking off the fog that comes in during those months. Temperatures soar to very high readings only on rare occasions, chiefly when easterly winds bring hot, dry air from the inland deserts (these winds are called "Santa Ana winds").

and monthly sunshine hour average is about 230 hours.

Any suggestion for me?

Also, how do you think of the idea anchoring the post into a planter to fix the patio cover?

Here is a link that might be useful: climate of san diego

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catkim(San Diego 10/24)

There may be a way to anchor the post into the planter, but your challenge will be to waterproof the post so it doesn't rot. It would be easier to put the post outside the planter.

There are many vines that do well in San Diego, but some are heavier than others, some drop more litter, some require more pruning. My personal favorite is Thunbergia mysorensis -- not overly heavy until much older, and pendulous flower clusters in yellow and brick red that attract hummingbirds. Depending on where you are in San Diego, it may lose its leaves in winter, but that is for a short time. Another favorite is Distictis buccinatoria -- you may have seen these growing up a trellis on the parking lot side of the Reuben H. Fleet Science Center in Balboa Park. This will require solid support.

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bahia(SF Bay Area)

If you design the posts for your arbor with a concrete base/footing utilizing a metal post anchor, and it could be set within an open planting bed. Generally a planter at least 18" square would be the minimum size for a vine intended to cover an arbor.

Selecting a vine should be based on how much shade is desired, whether you want an evergreen or seasonally deciduous cover, season of bloom, fragrance, etc. There are plenty of suitable vines one could plant in San Diego, I'd suggest giving more thought go your preferences for type of vine, and researching the choices at a local nursery or the Sunset Western Garden Book.

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