Interested in grafting Avacado and Citrus Trees

JMGCT(6b)July 7, 2014

I am fairly new to gardening and new to this website. I grew some avocado trees from seed for my mother for when she moved to Florida. She moved into to a condo without a yard and isn't interested in keeping them indoors. They are about 4 or 5 years old now (not sure what the parent tree is) and I was considering grafting(Hass? -open to suggestion) them myself as a container plant. I have two sunrooms, one facing south, so I think they will do well if I treat them right (also planning on adding growing lights). Up to now they have been treated poorly since I was planning on giving them away and I didn't want them to get too big (e.g. teeny tiny pot and never transplanted or fertilized, etc). I also bought a small lime tree and meyers lemon tree this year and would like to try and graft a regular lemon branch to the meyers lemon tree and key lime branch to the lime tree. I have not had any luck searching the internet for where I can get budwood/scionwood. Is it possible? I would appreciate any assistance.

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