Do I plant now?

stu2900May 28, 2012

We want to underplant this tree and the small slope behind the swing that's hard to mow. We've trenched in the natural edging and killed the grass and then scraped about half of it away, but then I read it was ok to just plant through the turf as long as it was dead. Is this so, or should we scrape away the rest? It's been almost too hot here to work in the yard but the next few days should be nice so I'd like to get it planted, but I want to do it right.

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I like to plant when fall come.

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It's not necessary to remove the dead grass. Mulch will cover it.

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Plan on watering the snot out of whatever you plant there now for the rest of the summer. Summer is here (although you are a couple of zones further north from me) and plants are reluctant to establish well if you plonk them in the ground when it's hot and dry. Now, if you're just going to put some annuals in there, then go ahead. But, if you're thinking of planting some more valuable perennials or shrubs, then plan to irrigate or, perhaps, wait until fall and just mulch in the meantime.

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