vermiculite in gritty mix

jport73(6)July 3, 2011

I got the first three parts mixed, opened the bag of vermiculite and it looked like this. I was expecting larger granules. Did I get the wrong stuff?

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tapla (mid-MI z5b-6a)

There is no vermiculite in the gritty mix. There is 1 thread somewhere in which I talked to a person about including some vermiculite in the gritty mix because she was convinced it wouldn't have enough water retention if made with the 1:1:1 ratio of (screened) bark:Turface:granite.


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Adding vermiculite to gritty mix will just gum it up. Al

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I was referencing this post.

RE: succulent soil mix (Follow-Up #2)
posted by: tapla on 11.02.2007 at 04:10 pm in Container Gardening Forum

Below, you'll find a few thumbnails to click on if you're interested. Sorry that I didn't take much time to take especially pretty photos. ;o) Just wanted you to see what I grow houseplants and succulents in. If you look past the hail damage, you can see the plants are very pleased with what their feet are in.

I always have a mix of equal parts of Turface, crushed granite (grower/turkey grit), and fir bark on hand because it's my basic bonsai soil mix. I add some very coarse sand, and vermiculite, along with a little gypsum & dolomitic lime to it to round things out. Here's the formula:
3 parts Turface
3 parts crushed granite (farm feed store)
3 parts pine or fir bark (see photo for size)
1 part coarse silica sand (masonry supply company)
1 part vermiculite
CRF (18-4-9 is what I use, but anything with a high first # or close to a 3-1-2 ratio works well)
Dolomitic lime & gypsum
Micronutrient granules

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jojosplants(9/ Tucson, Az.)

It's possible a larger size of vermiculite was used. There is some that is more the size of perlite/small gravel, size.

I wouldn't use what you have pictured, if it were me, the particle size seems too small.


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They do sell a vermiculite that is about 1/8 inch big.

With the pictures provided and knowing the particle size of coarse sand, I can only think the vermiculite would have to be coarser than that too.

Hi Jojo and Al!


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