Squash Experst: Trellis Suggestions?

veetaApril 16, 2012

Last year I had some success with my first squashes: lemon squash (summer) and North Georgia candy roaster (winter). The lemon squash was semi-bush, so I'll try a trellis for it this year. The candy roaster vines can easily exceed 50 feet! I just let the vines run outside my raised beds along my straw-mulched paths. That worked okay, but I'm planting more compact winter squashes this year: bush buttercup and delicata. Also, I have seminole pumpkin seeds--will I find them just as vigorous as the candy roaster? I am experimenting with building trellises with 1x2s, so if you have suggestions for trellis types for the lemon and delicata, and if there is a trellis suitable for the seminole pumpkin, I'd appreciate your advice.

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scotty66(8 Hutto TX)

I just built a 6'x8' trellis out of 1"x2" boards. this one is for cucumbers though.

to make the actual trellis that the cukes will climb, I stapled jute fiber twine to the boards. first I made the horizontal lines. Then when I made the vertical lines I wrapped the line around each horizontal lines. this gives extra strength to the horizontal lines so they don't get pulled down by the weight of the plant and veggies. I also used the jute for the "guide wires" on the corners, this provides extra stability so the trellis doesn't wobble back and forth in the wind.

The 1x2's come in 8' lengths, last year I didn't cut them and my trellis was 8'x8'. but the cucumbers only climbed about 6'. This year I made the trellis 6' high (still 8' wide).

Next time I will drill holes every 6 inches and tie the jute to the boards (stapling was actually a pain, and will be a bigger pain when it comes time to remove the staples).
Another tip, last year I screwed the trellis onto my raised bed frame. but since your not supposed to grow the same crop in the same spot (if possible), I needed to move my trellis. so this year I made sleeves to slide the trellis post in to.

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thanks--I like your method for attaching the trellis, as I also use raised beds.
I'm going to try this for my delicata:

I may have to forego the seminole pumpkin this year.

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I'm going to try this for my delicata:

I too am trying one of the teepee/a-frame trellis this year. Mainly for my tomatoes, though.

Maybe you can find somebody thats tossing an old ladder in the garbage?

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