Your Experience with Decomposed Granite

jsmbythebayMay 5, 2014

I am really liking the overall aesthetics of using decomposed granite for part of our yard.

However, a significant percentage of landscape professionals are not in favor of it due to it being tracked into the house and "ruining the hardware floors." But others state that if properly stabalized it should not be a real concern.

- There will be no direct access from the DG to the house- you have to walk over a (small) lawn and deck first
- We try our best to be a shoes off household (the kids sometimes "forget")
- Our floors are light, oak, matte finished, pickled, and reclaimed, so relative to other wood floors resistant to DG issues.

But, have any of you direct experience with DG and "tracking"?

And, if anyone has experience with "softness" due to rain I would be interested in hearing. Seems most folks think that properly stabalized DG should not be an issue for our application, but, a few others are still wary...


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It's quite hard in my opinion. I used it as base material for a brick driveway. 10" of it was hard as a rock. It did track though, I still find small pieces in the truck from time to time.

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