Where to put red twig dogwoods

ls8989June 20, 2012

Starting new thread bc I've had other questions lately. I bought a dozen three gallon red twig dogwoods bc they were marked down to $5 each and I have no idea where to put them. We are redoing our back yard and it is heavily wooded at the rear with a few areas at the top of the yard that get morning light shade and hot afternoon sun for about four hours. Can these take more shade here in Georgia? I've never had them before and it makes sense for them to have something behind them to show off those red twigs in winter. Most of the pics I've seen show them in a line but it looks a bit like a hairbrush when you do that. Any suggestions, other than "stop buying plants that aren't on your landscaping design plan"?

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Brad Edwards


Hate to throw google on you, but without pictures its too little info. This is a good read about red twig dogwoods.

Georgia is a lot more diverse than here in Georgia, you have zone 9 coastal SE Georgia "or close to it", then all the way to the mountains near TN.

Personally I would put them where you don't have a lot of evergreens for extra winter umph.

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In my experience, dogwoods tend to be pretty adaptable to both sun and shade. I think your dogwoods would be fine with light morning shade and afternoon sun.

As for the planting design, you might consider planting them in small clusters of, say, 3-5 shrubs each. You could plant groundcover, such as vinca and sweet woodruff, around them if those plants grow well in Georgia.

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