Pine Bark for 5-1-1 mix new bag

thebutcher(6b (Philadelphia area))July 13, 2013

Here is my new bag of Pine Bark Mulch from a local distributor in my area. My Hot peppers and some maters will go in to this.with the 5-1-1.

I just wanted to show you when I ripped open the bag a bit. The one photo with the change was after I mixed it up a bit and it rained a little. The second photo of it is when I just ripped the bag open to display the outside.

I think the 3.0 Cubic foot cost $7-$8

Many thanks to Tapla, Ed and all for helping me grow
- Mr Beno

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Ohiofem(6a Ohio)

Looks very good.

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That's the stuff I use right out of the bag w/o screening. Just pick out the bigger pieces of bark and sapwood while your making your 511 mix and you are good to go.

Good ole` Agway. Consistently good quality year after year.


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Yea, Agway pine bark works good. My Agway also carries TurfAce and gran-i-grit starter... And I found the old formula Osmocote Plus (with calcium and magnesium)

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edweather(Zone 5a/b Central NY)

Way to go. Yeah their quality control is excellent. Don't think I ever saw a piece of sapwood in their stuff. I'd use as is, but just keep in mind there is not much fine stuff, and it's not composted at all, so you might need some extra peat for water retention. I wouldn't even think twice about doing 5-2, or 4-2, pine bark and peat.

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thebutcher(6b (Philadelphia area))

Thanks all,

When I was there they showed me samples of each, and to be honest the mini nuggets were not to bad at all, they were small and then but the mulch was smaller. I should of snapped some photos of there samples.

Gona make the new mix soon as I get more perlite this week for the hot peppers

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thebutcher(6b (Philadelphia area))

Something is going on here and I don't know what :D

Sorry I left out the garden lime, I kept getten bitten my these mosiqtos. But I made my new batch. My camera ran out of juice before I could of taken close ups with the quater and stuff. But in the image is my new home for my Hot peppers.

The perlite was from MG, kind of small but the best I could do at that store.

BTW: that Pine Bark Mulch brought me back memories when I was a kid and smelled new mulch, my folks used to get their garden supplies from therre.. The local agway was only about 1/4 mile down the road back then.

Also ironicly the store I went angd got this at is the farm from the Movie "signs" was filmed with Mel.

Edit: I meant to say Left out the garden lime from the photo but I put the estimated amount in.

Also As Ed stated above I added more peat moss plus was dealing small perlite. The only way to tell is the photos when the peppers come out. Also the bags shown in the photo were 7 Gallon Fabric from Viagrow 5 bags for $20 and the white are 5 gallon vinyle reflective bags that I purchased for (10) for $10 online.

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