Wasps on balcony wisteria

londonJuly 26, 2011

I have a really fast-growing wisteria right outside my kitchen window, in a small container on a small apartment balcony. The wisteria has attracted a wasp that is present every day and is only interested in that plant. I hesitate to open the window and don't want to disturb the wasp when I water all the plants--sometimes three times a day in this heat.

Any ideas (short of toxic chemicals or throwing out the wisteria) on how I can get rid of this wasp? I only see one of them but there may be more.


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dickiefickle(5B Dousman,Wi.)

machine gun no a wasp trap

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Um, thanks. The wasps are multiplying fast. What's a wasp trap, aside from the wisteria?

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Wasp & hornet traps are available pretty much anywhere. You put in a sugary liquid, and a chunk of meat of some sort. They fly in, and can't get out. Problem is, it actually attracts more wasps & hornets. If you want them gone, get some aerosol pyrethrin spray. It'll knock them right down, and the stuff is pretty safe, safe enough to be used indoors. Look for anything labeled "kitchen bug killer" or something similar. Check out the active ingredients listed, and look for it to be pyrethrin. "Hot Shot" makes it, in a blue can.


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