Watermelons for containers

gardening_guyJuly 13, 2011

Hi there!

I've ready a lot today about trying watermelon in containers. There seems to be a consensus on getting bush type watermelons, and those with dwarf growth. I've heard "Garden Baby" which, from my understanding, isn't the same as "Bush Sugar Baby". Also read to get Golden Midget, Gold Baby and Cream of

Saskatchewan. What got my interest is that so many people had success with Garden Baby, but I can't find anyone that sells that variety! Help, can anyone tell me where to buy those seeds, if there is anything better (that's they've actually grown), or if it's the same thing as Sugarbaby Bush. I'm growing here in souther California, and will probably be using a 15-25 gallon black tub. Thanks a ton in advance for any advice.

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I'll just show you what I've got going on this year. This is my first time growing a watermelon so I am certainly not an expert. But, so far so good!

This is a sugar baby in a 5 gallon SWC. Using a tomato cage as a trellis. It's growing quite vigorously. A couple of the vines have grown over the top of the cage, all the way back down, and are in the process of growing back up again. I have 3 melons on there so far. Below is a pic of the biggest one.

So, I'm not sure how it will all turn out (perhaps 5 gallons isn't enough?) but it looks good so far.

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This is my first try and I'm kind of making it up as I go. I have a Jubilee watermelon in a 31-gal rubbermaid with two Cayenne peppers that has at least 3 melons growing. One I think will probably be ready to pick next week and I can hardly wait! It won't win any awards at the county fair, but it's bigger than the ones I've seen in the grocery store and road-side stands so far. I've also got three Crimson Sweet and one more that I'm not sure what variety it is (one of those little windowsill kits the kids got at Lowe's) growing in pots that I'm pretty sure are way too small (each one is in a pot about 14" diameter and 14" deep). The vines have all run together to the point that you can't really tell which is which any more but at last count, there were 7 decent-sized melons growing between them so we'll just have to wait and see if they actually mature.

This is the Jubilee in the big container...the smaller ones are behind the corn so you can see those vines coming around from behind. The little red pot on the left is one of the smaller watermelons. Clearly not anywhere near as full and vigorous as the one in the big box, then again, I got the big one as a seedling...the little ones I started as seeds so they're at least 3-4 weeks behind. I planted all of them the last week in May-first week in June:

Mr. Peanut is just a couple of days old:

Another baby Jubilee growing in the corner of the box:

Twin Crimson Sweets that are a few days old:

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