Wooly aphids...

howelbama(7 NJ)July 10, 2011

Hi, I have noticed some wooly aphids in my garden, at least I believe them to be. Some are bright white fuzzy bas@&$? and some look little tiny armored/camoed bugs with just a couple of pieces of fuzz. I believe they collect the fuzz from the plant stems, is this correct?

I kill them manually(gloved finger squish maneuver) when I find them and also remove any fuzz from the affected areas. No major infestation yet. I do have quite a few preying mantids throughout my garden.

Should I worry about them? What type of damage do these aphids do?

Thanks for you help.

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zzackey(8b GA)

I didn't know there were wooly aphids. Sounds like mealybugs to me. Squishing is good. You're lucky to have praying mantis!

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I know this is an old read but I'm Just curious to know how did you get rid of the bugs?
I've been gardening since March and I just seen these cotton looking bugs on the milkweed. Seems like one bug problem after another. :/

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