Fertilizing Rose Bands

desertgarden561- Las Vegas Z9aJuly 14, 2013


I received own root rose bands last week and after giving them two - three days to acclimate to my climate, I placed them in one-gallon pots with organic potting soil from a local nursery. My question is, when should these bands in one gallon pots be fertilized and what would produce the healthiest plants? I live in a hot climate and must water the bands daily. The bands have new growth; a little bit already but I believe already are showing signs of deficiencies. Any advice would be appreciated. Also, in mid October, some of these bands that I have placed in one gallon pots, and the one gallon bands I will be placing in 3 gallon pots this week, will go in the ground. The others will likely be placed in five gallon pots and planted in my garden sometime in March.

Any advice you can offer is appreciated.


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You mention 'rose bands' six times in your post. Am I the only one who does not know what a 'rose band' is? Al

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A "band" is a container size :-) Typically about 4" square and 6-8" deep with a more or less open bottom.

Any sort of liquid fertilizer you prefer would work. I am partial to Liquid Grow (7-9-5) from Dyna-Gro. I use it at half strength weekly (maybe every 10 days) on my container plantings.

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desertgarden561- Las Vegas Z9a


Thank you,

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Do you have a cat?
I fertilize my rose pots with kitty litter pee clumps.
Works great.

Here is a link that might be useful: Rose pot fertilization

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