My Trellis and Cherry Maters

Phildeez(9b)July 6, 2013

I had a hell of a time trellising my sweet 100s and Sungolds last year so this time around I wanted them to be less bushy and easier to harvest. I think this worked out really well so far. I pruned all but one or 2 low suckers on each plant and then pruned all suckers up to the base of the "Y" where I stopped pruning and let them bush out.

I also hope it will allow good air flow so I can avoid moisture issues in the fall.

I did have one question, does anyone know where to buy Roommate Netting? I tried bird netting but it is not strong enough to stop a starving undergrad!

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greenman28 NorCal 7b/8a

Very nicely done! Your Sweet 100 is much further along in ripe fruit than mine. Good grief, my plant is over 7 feet already, and not showing any sign of slowing. My Sun Gold is also going crazy, but producing better and trellised better.

As for room-mate netting....nope, can't help ya. Maybe a dab of superhot pepper oil on a select ripe tomato? Then when he freaks out, tell him that you hybridized a pepper and tomato (unless he's smarter than that). Either way, once bitten, twice shy ;-)


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Haha, good idea Josh. I have some red fatalii coming in that would work nicely. Considering I gave him a quarter of a fresh Cayenne yesterday and he almost crapped his pants, it should work pretty well!

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