Mystery Garden Cases

kernul1July 20, 2011

Hey guys,

Anyone up for helping to solve a few mysteries in my garden?

Case 1:�Impatiens Tinctoria

- In bright shade (north facing)

- Gritty mix

- Watering with foliage pro 1/4 strength

- Real trouble growing with black edges on the leaves.

Case 2: �Impatiens Niamniamensis

-�- In bright shade (north facing)

- Gritty mix

- Watering with foliage pro 1/4 strength

- Slow growth and appears to have a mite infestation?

Thanks for any advice in advance!


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Hi Kerul

In the top picture it looks like you have accidently let that plant dry out and then watered a few times. The damage on the Tincoria looks like watering abuse and just maybe an invasion of earwigs to boot. Have you ever accidently let your impatience get to the point of wilt? Has the sun been very hot lately?

In the second picture, it looks like you are having pest issues due to more than just mites. Possibly earwigs and slugs? have you seen these creepy things around lately? They have been know to eat chunks off mine and even cause severe leaf scarring and damage.

Hpw much sun do your plants get? How often do you have to water? have you seen pests?


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