containerwoodsJuly 8, 2013

Just planted my first container garden. I am northern MN zone 3. Totally newb to gardening and the forum. I have some hungarian wax peppers, green bells and purple beauties. I also planted some beefsteaks which are just now started to bear fruit (a little worried about those guys). I also have a variety of annuals. Anyway just chiming in to say hello and you can expect to be seeing my posting from time to time.

Like I said the beefsteaks are concerning me. I have four plants and they are just now showing little blossoms. I read somewhere its about 40-50 days from blossom to harvest so I should be ok in that regard. I am also experiencing what I believe to be wilting. Thanks in advancing for any advice you have. Apologies if I am posting my concerns in the wrong forum.

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good job keep at it :)


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I am a little puzzled that all these full sun plants are growing under your eve of the house. Al

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I have pretty good exposure, I'd say about 10 hours.

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Jay Part Shade (Zone 10B, S21, Los Angeles)

Looking good. Be sure to mulch the top with bark, plastic sheet or just an old towel. I like going the towel route and keeping it soaked -- gives the plants a little extra water to draw on during the day if it gets too hot. And get more trellises :) You're going to have plants falling over each other soon.

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I agree with Al, that perhaps they should be in full sun (on the lawn).

You can move them around and they won't kill the grass. I do this and my landlord never notices :)

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