Wish me luck...and any advice?

serge94501July 21, 2013

I took the 5-1-1 plunge today. It was easy as there was so much good info I got here from searching. I mixed up a batch, tossed in some lime and CRF and looked for my first victim.

I bought a rooted cutting of a Blanquette fig (not very popular in the US from what I can tell) last September and it's been doing OK in its small pot until very recently when some leaves started to yellow.

I am sure the best time to re-pot a fig is over the winter, but I watched a much larger Peter's Honey Fig languish in a pot and now it looks worse than Charlie Brown's Christmas tree, and I didn't want the Blanquette to suffer the same fate.

I took out the fig, washed down the rootball, gently loosened some roots that were starting to bind, and layered it into the pot with the 5-1-1 mix. After it was in nicely I gave it a good drenching. I know the tree is going to have some transplant shock.

So, I will water it every day with a weak fertilizer solution. Any idea what a good NPK ratio is for a fig in 5-1-1? Thanks and wish me luck. The Charlie Brown tree is next - I am sure it can be saved.

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S...you will be fine. I always recommend buying a cheap moisture meter. They actually work well. I have been surprised how well my 5-1-1's hold water. You may find the same. goodluck

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You have probably read on this forum that any repotting and the root disturbance involved will cause a stress to the plant, and of course that is true. What is not often mentioned is NOT repotting a plant being stressed, and watching it continue to decline. Often the result of a fresh mix will far outweigh any stress caused by root disturbance. Al

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shazaam(NC 7B)

As far as fertilizer options go, I've had very good results with Foliage Pro and Osmocote Plus this year (both are 3:1:2 ratios).

Here's a photo from late March of one of four quart sized figs that I bought from Edible Landscaping. All were of comparable size and were bare root transplanted to Al's 5-1-1 mix in 7 gallon terra cotta pots. I top dressed them shortly thereafter with 4 tablespoons of Osmocote Plus. I've watered them as needed with 1/4 to 1/2 strength Foliage Pro.

Here's a group photo taken today:

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@Al, thanks, that was my guess and I am glad I was on the right track!

@shazaam - wow, nice work! When do you expect to up-pot?

@fireduck, et al...well get a moisture meter, sounds like good advice for a fast-draining mix.

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shazaam(NC 7B)

I might size up to 10 gallons next spring, or I might just leave them in the same pots for another year -- I haven't decided yet. In general, I don't go any larger than 10 gallons because I like to be able to move my marginally hardy potted fruits under cover for the winter. I've found anything larger is just to difficult to handle on my own.

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