Autumn moon maple

Higgsr1July 8, 2013

Anything wrong ith my autumn moon. I'm seeing brown burn spots on leaves. It's been very hot in easten pa. And has been raining alot.
Maple is still in potting soil I bought it in but it is in screened al gritty mix. I have been watering about once a week or when wood skewer is dry.

Maple is under a tree canopy getting alittle dircet sun in morning and alittle direct sun after 430 pm.

I just started 2 weeks ago 1/4 tsp of dyno grow once a week making sure I water where original soil is from pot. Any ideas. Is it heat stress, over/under watering. Fert burn?

Any help would be great.


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I put an Autumn Moon in a very large pot in the 'sun' of the Pacific Northwest and it burned no matter how well watered. This year I moved it to a shady spot and it's gorgeous. Hope this helps :)

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greenman28 NorCal 7b/8a

I'm not quite following, Higgs.

Is the maple in original nursery soil surrounded by Gritty Mix? That'll sure make watering more difficult.

Do you intend to bare-root and re-pot next Spring?


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Yes exactly. I didn't want to bare root in Mid summer. I plan on bare rooting in spring right before buds leaf out. I didn't want to keep it in its original pcntainer because I didn't want it to dry up on a hot day. So I took it out of its pot and put it in gritty mix with root ball intact.

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