Ideas on Fence Colors other than White?

lizalinnJune 7, 2007

I'd like to paint, but probably will ultimately need to stain, our small backyard "L" shaped fence in a color other than white. Looking for idea- photos onlne has produced very little - white/off white seems to be universal. My perinial bed is behind the base of the "L" and I want to consider what it look like in the dreary winter as well as the more cheerfu, colorful seasons. Many thanks for any ideas on this. Pics?

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saypoint(6b CT)

You'll find lots of pictures of fences in different colors by googling for images with "blue fence" "green fence" etc. but some of the photos I saw were in pretty garish colors.

I'd see what colors are available in exterior stains, or take a cue from a color on your house or from something in the winter garden. Is there a blue foliaged evergreen?

You can experiment with color by opening a photo of the area, in summer and winter, with MS Paint and custom mixing some colors to apply to the fence. Or do the same with photo editing software if you have it.

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gottagarden(z5 western NY)

I've noticed in magazines lately that black fences are very trendy. They visually "disappear" more readily than white fences.

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Another look that can be very attractive is to paint the fence the color of your house. It unifies the two elements. That won't work with all house colors but it's very effective with many others.

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hoovb zone 9 sunset 23

If you want a good stain, the Cabot brand stain is excellent. Mine has gone through several years of weather and looks like I brushed it on yesterday.

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I was watching a movie while trying to fall asleep a few nights ago, I think dish network however didn't provide the actual name as it was called "Movie".

There was a very interesting picket fence in this movie painted green. I think it would be horrid in the winter but was quite interesting with all the green foliage around it. I can't tell you what the movie is about but I can tell you the house was beautiful lol

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I suggest looking for colour clues in other elements of your house (trim, doors, shutters, stonework, etc).

Our house is glass stucco with mixed colours of broken glass. We wanted to bring out the blue tones, so we stained our new fence Benjamin Moore Van Courtland Blue. Our house trim and garage will be painted the same colour, eventually.

Here's a pic of our fence in progress.

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PS - Meant to add BM tinted the stain colour for us to match the paint colour we had already chosen for trim, garage, etc.

There are a couple of other pics of the fence on my website, too.

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lindasewandsew(So Cal 9)

Hi, I'm recycling dog ear fence boards to cover my chain link fence and searched for different color fences on the internet and around the neighborhood without much luck. You're right about them mostly being white. I went to HD and collected a bunch of color samples, sat down with DH, and we each picked colors we could live with, then put them together and decided which we could both live with. We took those colors out and looked at them with the plants we have (no dreary winter here in So Cal, but those dark red barns with white trim always look pretty in snowy pics). A lot of colors could have worked, greens, peaches, and lavender greys looked good. Flowers, plants and birds, etc. could be painted on the boards to brighten them up more. We settled on a golden, sunflower yellow. HD had a light tan, yellow looking mis-mixed exterior paint in a 5 gallon drum for $15. The paint guy there told me what colors to mix it with to get close to the color we chose. You may luck out on mis-mixed paint. Search the internet for 'art fence', 'unusual fence', 'wooden fence', and maybe 'snow photos' or 'winter photos'. If you email me, I'll send you some fence pics found online and the (slow) progress of my fence. Linda

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