gloriosa lily

MgeezyJuly 27, 2014

Just started growing plants indoors! Received my first plant. Gloriosa lily! What do I need to do next?

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I have been growing Gloriosa lily for several years outdoors in partial shade, did not know it was a recommended indoor plant. Mine will climb to about 4 feet before blooming, so would suggest you have a structure of some kind for it to climb. Al

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Mine does not grow very well indoors, and requires much more light than a general indoor situation can provide.

The corm/rhizome also requires a dormancy, I believe... mine grows, then once it blooms, it dies back and takes a rest... and when it wants, it begins growing again.

When it rests, I cut back on watering and feeding because it doesn't require that much, not being in active growth.

Once I see the shoot emerge from the soil again, I water and feed again, as needed.

And, yes... it does require a structure of some kind to climb. I have a small trellis inserted into the pot for it to climb up when actively growing.

Now, keep in mind that I grow my Gloriosa vine in zone 5... so mine may behave a bit differently from those grown in warmer, more tropical climates.

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ok thanks!

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You're most welcome! :-)

Happy Gardening!

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Gloriosa lilies grow leaves with little hooks that will grab what ever they touch,so it is important that your structure has small enough parts so they can hold on. Wind can pull the leaves free. Al

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That's true, Al... I help mine along with little twistie ties or pieces of loosely tied twine... to keep it straight and tall in the pot. The trellis I have for it is only a small decorative wire one...

I expect it would grow and attach better with a better trellis, but... I'm not sure what type might be best.

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