easy cheap way to save extra Herbs

kissingfrogs2003July 16, 2011

Not sure if this is news to those here but it was a revelation for me:

I recently had a very big Basil harvest (they are loving the full sun and the warm IL weather I moved to).

Being a single girl with no one to cook for there is only so much basil I can use and feared my hard worked for leaves would go to waste...until now!

I bought some ice cube trays which I filled with chopped basil and extra virgin olive oil.

Now I have cubes in a bag (I took them out of the trays for easier storage in freezer). There is about a tbsp of basil and oil in each one so it is now easy to drop in when cooking as recipes require! Bonus? The basil is still green as when I cut it so no gross browning in dishes!

I don't see any reason this wouldn't work with other herbs as well..

Hope someone else cna benefit from this cool little trick :)

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so you chopped the basil first? excellent idea! thanks!

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i do the same thing with pesto. works great and i will give this a try because i will have lots of extra basil.

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Yes I chopped it first (thank goodness for food processors!) then put a tbsp in each container adn filled it with EVOO like it would water.

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kissingfrgos2003, great idea for adaptation. I am thinking of a blood red drink containing a traditional Russian additive.

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