Suggestions on slow release fertilizer

TheMasterGardener1(5B)July 20, 2012

I need to find a good slow release fertilizer like in a 40# bag with all needed nutrients. I will check around but if anyone knows a good name please let me know so I can look for it. I like Osmacote plus, not sure if I can find it in big box stores though.

What do you use?

Thanks in advance.

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redshirtcat(6a MO StL)

I don't think you're going to find a quality complete CRF at a big box store if by complete you mean major, minor, & micros.

I would probably go with Osmocote Plus for this - but note that the 15-9-12 product that comes in 50 lb bags does not contain Ca (well not enough to meet labeling laws anyway). The 5lb version that comes in shaker bottles does. There's a wide variety of professional osmocote products that you would likely have to track down at a nursery supply place. Most of them lack substantial calcium (by design, I understand) - so you'll have to manage the Ca yourself. Some lack Mg as well and etc.

I don't believe you will find Ni or Cl in any of the professional products - but I also don't think that's a problem unless you're using rainwater, and a 100% inorganic planting medium.

How do you plan to use the fertilizer?

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Thanks redshirtcat.

So far Vigoro CRF is a good one that I found and it has high levels of Ca and it has sulfur too. I can only get it in a 3.5# bag but Maybe I will only need 2 bags for the amount of plants I will have.

"How do you plan to use the fertilizer?"

I plan to use it in containers. I will have a huge 5 gal container garden next season and know I wont be able to mix all that fertilizer. I would rather use CRF and then just water from the hose. I can top dress with the CRF when needed.

I may not need to get a large 50# bag.

Any more suggestions about application rates ect...?

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I only buy my CRF from a farm supply, where it is only available in 40 or 50 lb bags. They carry several brands with a choice of NPK as well as minors, and duration of timed release. I keep mine in the bag inside of 30 gallon plastic garbage containers, which keeps it dry. Al

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maybe you can fin more information on the subject on haifa-group

Here is a link that might be useful: slow release fertilizers

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