Hosta overload?

howelbama(7 NJ)July 23, 2011

This post is not meant to offend anyone, I just want to share my thoughts.

Is anyone else tired of Hosta?

I am.

I don't have any in my garden. I am also not claiming to be any type of expert on horticulture or botany or landscape architecture etc...

Personally I am just really tired of Hosta plants. I feel they have become trendy like I'm sure several other plant species have and will.

Seems that everyone plants them bordered around their foundations and walk ways etc... Walking through a neighborhood and seeing the variegated leaves and, on occasion, those silly flower stalks gets really dull and boring fast.

Anyone else feel this way? Lol...

Sorry to all of the Hosta lovers out there, I just wanted to vent.

I know they are hardy and easy to care for. Maybe gardeners and landscapers could start using them in more creative ways to break up the


Anyone else have a plant they are really tired of?

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This is a strange forum to talk about this sort of thing, but I'll indulge. I'm ok with hostas, mainly because I have mostly sun, so not much room for them, so I do like the ones I have.

The plant I am tired of is arborvitae. I like them ok when properly sited, but it's the long rows that everybody and their brothers are planting for a screen or fence. Someday, there will be a disease or pest that will ravage people's arborvitaes.

The next one, is maple trees, notably the norway. It seems like everyone plants these overly aggressive trees, and they aren't even nice looking. I have 3 of them I inherited when I bought my house, all of which are my biggest trees, and on their way out. All of them have been planted improperly, and are now girdling themselves to death. You can't landscape near them, they pop root knees up, grass won't grow under them, they drop seeds that sprout everywhere, branches and twigs fall out every time the wind blows, among many other things. I vow to never plant a norway, or any other maple for the rest of my life, with the exception being japanese maples.


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+1 for arbs. They are overplanted. They have their place, but there are many other options also, especially for places that you don't really need green year round.

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No offense taken. I in fact use to HATE them up until last month that
I vowed I would never plant one in my yard and thought them quite boring that only gives a stalk of flowers for but a fleeting moment.
in fact the only one I had already in my yard was shoved behind the garage.

Now that I have forced a shady area in my yard and put a pond, I needed something that loves shade that would brighten an area. Well, your guessed it, my hatred for these plants has become a bit
I actually dug that HUGE Hosta up and re-planted next to my pond followed by little ones. The variegated unusual ones are what fancy me now. They brighten up a dull and drab area all year.

Now I hope I didn't offend you:-)

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Coming from someone that has a lot of shady areas I have to say that I love Hostas. Not so much for the blooms which I don't really care for but the leaves. Verigated, yellow, solid green and my favorite "blue" I just love them all.

Hostas and Hydrangea, the shady gardeners best friends.

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Meyermike, I love the look of your yard. Especially the second photo. I love hosta' and hydrangeas 2 of my favorites.

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aka_margo(z5a WI)

I think you are seeing the wrong hostas, probably just the standard variegated ones everyone likes to put around their house. However, you can also put hostas in containers. Here is an example:


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