Landscaping new construction

War_EagleJune 19, 2013

â¢Zone: 8A
Need ideas with landscaping my new construction. Final grading has not occured yet but should soon. The first pic is from the cul de sac....taken in February. Right now I am only concerned with landscaping area immediately next to house (about 20-30 feet out). I will deal with the area around creek later.

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Also what is the suggested size of a bed away from house?

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Front left

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first one didnt work...looking toward front door

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closer shot of walk to front door

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back yard. I will be putting in irrigation system in the next week. I will be putting in sod (zoysia) also. I am thinking lots of azaleas, hydrangeas, crepe myrtles, etc... Just thought I would get some other great ideas here. I really enjoy seeing what some of you experts come up with.

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Wow, beautiful home and lot. We also just finish construction and are looking for some landscaping help. We had a hard scape plan drawn which was extremely helpful. We are installing own beds and plant material. I would love to see your current pictures if you don't mind. Good luck, it is so much work building then creating an entire outdoor space too

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Some ideas:

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Wow! I posted this in June and just now got my first response in February! Willow I wouldnt expect much help on least I got none. Since I posted that I put in irrigation, laid sod and put in bushes....all by myself. I had to do a minimum to get my CO. That was phase I of my plan. Phase II I started in January and that is to clear out the "undergrowth" in woods. I still have a creek in the front that needs cleaning out and some help with its flow. Good luck Willow!

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Thanks, will be another summer of hardwork. Last summer we had a pool/ fence and patio in back installed. We built a huge deck with my brothers help. We installed some beds and sod within fenced area, had yard graded driveway and walks poured. Had irrigation installed (outside our scope) we installed our lightpost and mailbox, layed conduit for landscape lighting runs, we trenched downspouts, having been taking down trees, clearing buckthorn in woods. Yard was graded and then we ran out of time cause it started snowing. This spring we will have final grade done but we will seed lawn. I look back and can't believe I coordinated all of that and did tons of it myself. Even learned how to "triangulate" points off plan and find those points in yard. A lot to be learned about the order of work being done, I'm a gardener and unfortunately the plants will be the last thing to go in. Well that was long sorry but good luck on your next phase. Looking forward to sitting back and someday just taking it all in. Your wooded property is beautiful, I bet a lot of wildlife. Enjoy

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War_Eagle, I remember seeing your pictures (and thought I would comment as soon as I had time.) If the forum gets busy, it's possible that one's thread may travel down the list quickly and disappear without being noticed ... and then be permanently forgotten. Posting a reminder will bring it back to the top and give it another chance. It's rare that anyone needing help doesn't get some attention. (Often, they get more than they wish!)

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