Zucchini quit growing

tryingcakeJuly 7, 2011

I have 2 plants. One plant has had lots of huge gorgeous blooms - not one zucchini.

On the other plant, the zucchini were coming along as they should, then about two weeks ago stopped growing. They are still firm. The pic is a little blurry as I was trying to hold the camera with one hand and take a pic with the same hand and hold leaves out of the way and show the size of the zuke with my other hand (UGH!). But you can still get the idea. Anyway, there are several zucchinis growing, But they have all stopped getting any bigger.

This is my first time growing zucchini. My tomatoes are doing great. They are full size, we've already eaten a few and they taste even better than they look.

Is this normal for the zucchini or should I be doing something? My parents grew a lot of it when I was young, I don't remember if they did anything special or not.

Thank you From Drop Box

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I'm sorry - I posted this in the container garden section and did not mean to. I don't how to delete it and start over.

This is planted in the ground.

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