HAVE: Bizarre Trapa Bicornis Demon Bat Head Nut Aquatic Plant

dethcheez(Sunny SoCal Z10)September 18, 2013

Sorry can only get these once a year & in very limited quantities
So going to be picky on what I trade them for

Have some fresh Trapa Bicornis nuts
Demon / Bat / Bull Head Seeds / Pods

Perennial / Hardy to zone 5
You can store them in the fridge in a jar of water till the spring

Will trade them in lots of 5 - 6 to 10 - 12
Trade For???

I have a very unique taste in plants + limited space left
Looking for ~ Weird Odd Bizarre Strange Unusual Carnivorous Plants
Basically uncommon plants stuff most people have never heard of let alone grow
No everyday common plants that you can get at any HomeDepot or WalMart
(At least in SoCal)

Attached one of my EB ads below with more info.
Worth the read

Thanx & Sorry If I Say No / It's Nothing Personal

Up For Bid 12 Fresh "Trapa Bicornis" Nuts / Pods   
A floating aquatic plant that makes very cool looking demon bat bull head shaped nuts 

Just drop them in water   
& They'll start to sprout within a few days 

If you start them in something like a big hurricane glass candle holder   
With a little sand on the bottom so you can stand the nuts up   
It Makes An Awesome Display Piece When They Start Sprouting / Growing 

Note: If growing in a pond / They Can Be Invasive   
I like to grow them in large plastic RubberMaid bins 

The Fruit / Nut Is Eatable   
But MUST Be Cooked Before Eating ~ Toxic Raw   
Boiled I think they taste kind of similar to Macadamia nuts   

They are currently being stored in water   
So they may be sprouted or starting to sprout when you receive them   
Will Discontinue Sales After They Reach a Certain Size   
As They're Kind Of Hard To Ship Once They Start Getting To Long 

Will Combine Shipping 

Feel Free To Email Me If You Have Any Questions 

\*\*\*US SHIPPING ONLY\*\*\* 

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dethcheez(Sunny SoCal Z10)

You Can Add "Interesting" Succulents & Water Garden Plants & Starts Of Trees / Plants Suitable For Bonsai To My Want List

Just NO Cactus Of Any Kind
Haven't been able to walk right for a week
After stepping on one of my last two cactus bare foot
I Hate Cactus


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Any interest in kedrostis punctulata, or ipomoea platensis?

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dethcheez(Sunny SoCal Z10)

Hi Mike

Thanx For The Offer

Interested in the K. Punctulata
Will email you


Will also trade for giant Papyrus   
Root stock is fine 
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Please check e-mail.


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grandmasgarden(7A AR)

Hi realize this is last year, but hoping you have these again. I have a greenhouse full off all kinds of things, succulent and otherwise. I also have water plants. Plmk!

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dethcheez(Sunny SoCal Z10)

Sorry Wish I Did

But wasn't able to get a hold of any fresh ones this year
Ghetto Raccoons ate all the ones I had growing along with a bunch of other water garden bulbs tubers & what nots

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