*New Container Garden*...Advice? Tips? Words of Wisdom?

kissingfrogs2003July 10, 2011

Just moved into a new place in IL from CA. I am expanding my efforts in container gardening big time. Out in Cali I had some success with herbs, tomatoes and strawberies. I also learned the cruel world of bolting and improper sunlight (hence my tiny tom tomatoes growing 3 feet tall!!)

In my new place I get full sun, west facing.

I am planning to grow the following:

Strawberries (unsure of variety)

Carrots (little finger)

Edamame (envy soybeans)

Radishes (Sparkler)

Romaine (Tom Thumb) and Spinach (melody) **same container**

Corn (oriental baby)

And various herbs (Basil, cilantro, parsley, dill, oregano, chives, sage, thyme)

Any advice or tips to help me out- especially given the new environment?!?!

I am also wondering if the varieties are OK for containers and if so, what size for the veggies and herbs. I suffocated oregano in my last garden and want everything to thrive this time :)

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This is my first year container gardening so you can pretty much take everything I say and do the opposite! If you have a place to hang something, try strawberries in hanging baskets. You can put 3-4 plants in one regular basket and they're beautiful with the green leaves, white and pink flowers, and red fruit.

As far as the other stuff, all I can say is whatever size container you think is good, go a little bigger. Pretty much everything I've done this year, I wished I had used a little bigger container.

Also, self-watering containers are worth it! I'm not really sure if I'm over-watering or under-watering but the plants I have in self-watering containers consistently look much better than the others. I haven't decided whether to do containers again next year or some raised beds but if I do containers, I plan to make some self-watering boxes this winter.

Hopefully somebody here will have better advice for you. Good luck!

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