Before and After (or I guess 'during')

btbarbara(7b/8a)July 4, 2011

My whole adventure with container gardening kind of started on a whim and then took on a mind of its own. I keep going through phases of being really excited, then disappointed and worried. I've tried to lower my expectations some and basically decided that this year is all about learning and experimenting so I'll know what to do better next year. Anything that actually grows this year is just a bonus.

My 6-year old started out really excited about the garden but he got bored very quickly. I had him with me at a local nursery one day and he was...well, acting like bored little boys act. One of the nursery employees took him on a tour while I shopped around and when she brought him back, she had a little Cayenne pepper seedling that had the cutest little curly-cue pepper on it. She said that's what he wanted to plant so I bought it for him. When we got home, I realized it was actually 4 little plants but he helped me pick out pots for them and plant them and he waters them every day. So here's the pics...I'm so proud!!

This is the day we planted this little guy...exactly one month ago...isn't he cute!

And this is not the best pic but this is one month later. I've already gotten 3 peppers off this plant and I counted TWENTY growing today! The other three plants are the same way. Anybody want some Cayenne pepper? :)

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Nice! I grow many things, and have a few plants that have been with me for 13 years, or basically since I moved out on my own at 18. Anyways, even with all that, there is NOTHING more exciting or rewarding than growing vegetables or fruit, where you get something to eat from your plant. My 6 year old daughter brought home some zinnia seeds from school this spring, which we planted, and they are flowing now. She's pretty siked about it, even a few months later. I wish it worked that way for the goldfish that her & her sister HAD to have.......


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