Gritty.size OK?

TonioJuly 15, 2011

Wow, gritty mix is more than buying the ingredients... must screen , clean etc etc.

wax on , wax off Daniel san.....;o)

I think I need to redo the screen frame, as I used 2x4's uugh. Made screening quite a task.

Just wanted to get opinons on my gritty mix ingredient sizing:

Turface MVP

crushed granite #5- I got locally from a roofing co.(RSG-Roofing supply group) that sources from A1 Granite from Riverside, CA. But I thin kits #4/5 as the screening was 1/4 minus

bark fines- I got B Stones orchid mix.

I started screening the crushed granite, assuming it is heaviest, so would pose the most work>>> LOL- WRONG !!!!

The bark was the most strenuous and had to do it 2 times for each size screen. Mind you I only had a 1/4" mesh, and aluminum screen. Geezz.. I now have 3 sizes screened out:

L 3/8~1/4"

M 1/4~1/8

Bark powder

Not mention all those long narrow pcs I removed with 1/2" screen.

wax on , wax off Daniel san ;o(

I used the M size bark, so I'll assume I should move up to the L size?

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Oh, I should mention that I plan to use the gritty for outdoors:
Japanese Maple

Thanks !!


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greenman28 NorCal 7b/8a

Hi, T!
Stick with the M size bark, since you're using fir bark.


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Hi greenman .... Josh!

Thanks for the reply.

I didn't even realize I had gotten fir bark from the E.B. Stone Orchid mix, though I did study the bark during screening. I didn't pay much attention to actual ingredients other than the size for local purchase.
I thought it looked like a mix of fir & pine

Is fir bark more dense for you to suggest using the medium size? Or is it more about being suited for the plants / appropriate in my zone.

Rather difficult finding a local nursery that carries Dyna Gro,Foliage pro 9-3-6, Al recommends.


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