Dyna-gro MSDS

op-engJuly 19, 2012

Has anyone read the MSDS for Foliage-Pro and Pro-Tekt? Do these seem safe to handle or am I making mountains out of mole hills? I'm looking to fert. my tomatoes and don't feel like "suiting-up" to do so. Just my opinion, Many thanks.

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greenman28 NorCal 7b/8a

Don't drink the stuff ;-)

I wash my hands after using any fertilizer.


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A general recommendation would be to try not to get any fertilizer on your skin, particularly the concentrate solution.

I just checked the MSDS and really they don't look so bad. "Prolonged contact with skin can cause irritation" is really a pretty mild warning.

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howelbama(7 NJ)

Any chemical fertilizer, even organic based ones should probably not be handled with bare hands...gloves are always a good idea. Dyna gro is no worse than any other, and no need to "suit up" lol, just wear some gloves and wash your hands when you're done :)

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It's just the usual suspects of fertilizer ingredients - what's to worry about? Farmers have been using this stuff for decades on an industrial scale, and they live longer than you do. I'd worry more about getting in and out of the shower, or getting hit by lightning on a golf course.

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Actually, I'd worry more about the golf course. They use all sorts of toxic chemicals on most golf courses.

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