Woolly thyme with JM in gritty mix???

mylespickett(8a)July 7, 2012

Hey everyone... I have a couple of questions maybe someone can help me with. I have a couple of 4" woolly thyme pots i picked up for $1 and want to add a little something to a containerized maple in Al's gritty mix. Would there roots be to invasive? I believe the watering regimen would be suitable for both. If the Answer is no to woolly thyme (I love the texture and compact ess of the foliage), maybe someone has had good experience with something else as a "container ground over". It does need to stand up to some morning sun exposure though. Any advice or comments would be much appreciated. :)

P.S. I've been having to use "hapi gro/ hope agri products, 100% organic compost", for my pine bark; which seems to me like semi composted pine bark fines about 1/8"-1/6" in size. Should I switch to sifting pine park mulch before its too late?!

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That hapi-gro product varies a lot.. sometimes it's perfect for 5:1:1, sometimes it's full of sapwood. For gritty mix though, you absolutely should be sifting out the pieces of bark. Otherwise the "fines" just fill up the air spaces between the other components and defeat the whole purpose of the gritty mix.

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Thanks Greentiger, yea I guess I got lucky with a bag or two because I sifted and was able to use about 70% of what I sifted. I'll be sure to start sifting the big bark from now on.
Now ill be in business if someone can chime in on some advice for the thyme? I wonder, is it any different than growing you're conventional, garden thyme or creeping thyme (probably not???). Thanks again.

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Yes, I wish some one would chime in as well.

That sounds like a wonderful idea to conserve moisture (like mulching) and would look really nice with 'elfin' thyme.


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