Sandy wrecked our privacy screen, looking for advice...

aj23June 10, 2013


First time poster, but have been reading GardenWeb quite a bit the last few weeks. We moved into our new home about a year ago in Long Island, NY zone 7.

Our rear property line (about 125' wide) borders a moderately busy commercial property. Before "super storm" Sandy hit, there was a row of very full Leyland Cypresses about 35' high providing a solid wall across the back line of our property.

Sandy took down 4 of the Leylands and thinned out the remaining ones by as much as 30% - so what was once a full wall has now left us pretty exposed to our commercial neighbor, and all the light and sound that comes with it.

A couple months ago, we had our landscaper put in a row of 10' Thuja Green Giants 8' in front of the Leylands and spaced 6' apart. They seem be taking nicely, and hopefully in 3-4 years they'll provide the coverage we need them to.

In the meantime, I'm trying to brainstorm what we can put behind the row of Leylands. My goal is is have 3 rows of privacy hedging -- the new green giants in the front, the existing leylands in the middle, and something else in the back.

We have about 6' of space between the Leylands and a wood stockade fence. A row of clumping bamboo would probably work nice, but our Town banned it about 1 month ago.

What would some of you recommend? Particularly interested in anything tall, doesn't get very wide and can be purchased and planted at least 12' high.

I attached a picture which shows the gaps I'm trying to fill.

Thanks in advance for your help!


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catkim(San Diego 10/24)

Give them some time and the trees will naturally reach for the light and fill in. Planting more will only crowd them and make them fight over the light, earth, and water.

I suspect you are getting no response because to most people, your existing degree of privacy appears sublime. Lovely green space, enjoy.

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