WANTED: Fruit Tree Cutting

charlieboringOctober 30, 2013

I have:

Fuyu and Sojia Persimmon cuttings,
Moorpark Apricott cuttings,
Shinko and Hosui Asian Pear cuttings,
Stella Cherry cuttings,
Anna Hardy Kiwi cuttings,
Celestial Fig cuttings,
Texas Everbearing Figs and
Elberta Peach cuttings.

I would like to trade for these cuttings:

Royal or Blenheim apricott,
Bing Cherry,
Bosc or Bartlett Pear,
Any other variety of female hardy kiwi,
Sweet scarlet goumi bush,
Brown Turkey, Chicago or Black Jack Fig, and
Giant Fuyu.

Cuttings will be taken this winter and stored in ziplick bags in a refrigerator until mailed. Grafts are intended to be made in the early spring.

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I have a Bing (from my 30 year old tree) I could trade for the Stella...
I am also looking for Rainer as well

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Marc - I will trade cuttings from my stella for your bing. I prefer to take my cuttings when it gets colder and not too soon before grafting. I suggest February. Contact me by direct email.

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I have some Brown Turkey cuttings that I could trade for Celeste.

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Can fruit tree cutting as persimmon root ?
I have a tree but don't know how ?
Any tips would appreciated .

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I guess that it depends on the type of persimmon. I have a fuyu, which I am told is a graft and therefore may not have the same traits if a cutting is rooted. I also understand that it is very difficult to root a persimmon cutting. If you want to try it, I suggest that you try to air-layer a small branch in May.

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I just started establishing fruit trees in my back yard after cutting down lot of oak trees. I would love to try persimmon and celeste fig cuttings.
I have several indoor plants like Jasmine and hibiscus varieties for trade at this time since I live in the Northeast. I also have lots of strawberries, hydrangeas, hardy moms, iris, raspberry, rose of Sharon and more plants that I can trade in the spring.
Also looking for kiwi and Apricot cuttings

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