Tricky narrow pathway/foundation bed - help!! (pics)

hurly03(zone 4b colorado)June 17, 2012

I've got a tricky east facing path/foundation bed that I need to plant (link to pictures included below). I don't know what to put here - it gets very little water (though I could easily drip irrigate) and not a ton of light (east facing with walls on both sides). My other garden beds are informal in style, so I don't want anything too formal here. I also want some winter interest, since it's the front door.

The path curves around to the driveway, and some jupiter's beard and prairie winecups are Already planted there, along with two ornamental grasses. What's there works pretty well, but I need help with the empty spots!


Here is a link that might be useful: Front walkway bed

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You will likely move things along faster if you embed the photos and include at least one that has a wide shot to provide context. Measurements help as well.

And no one is going to be able to provide any help at all until you provide some zone and location information :)
Just enter it in your profile information so folks know if you are in Antarctica or Miami.

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Here is a link that might be useful: Posting Pics

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hurly03(zone 4b colorado)

Thanks so much to whomever embedded those photos! I couldn't figure out how to do it with an ipad.

I'm in Colorado, zone 4b. Dimensions on either side of the flagstone path are 2'x9' on each side.

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hurly03(zone 4b colorado)

And here are the widest shots I can get...Please ignore the heinous comcrete pad to the right - it's getting demoed next week and a medium height fence is going up.

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Is this the main door or a secondary entrance?

A picture like the second to the last one posted w/o zooming in would be best. Something like you might see in a home listing would show how this area is incorporated in the overall look.

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Are you looking for suggestions for the whole area near the door and including the sidewalk area (where you have your plants stored)or just up against the door like where the basement egress is and the opposite side?

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I don't know that I would recommend any permanent planting there. It is likely to encroach on the existing narrow pathway and to conceal the fact that this is actually your front entry. Instead, consider improving the hardscape that has already been started.

Replace the cement stoop with a larger, attractive granite or blue stone step. To broaden the pathway and make it more safe, lift/level/supplement the flagstone so that it runs from wall to wall. Add a bright blue bench and a few classic, ceramic containers filled with annuals or inexpensive junipers to make the area inviting. Call it done.

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karinl(BC Z8)

What Adrienne said.

Plus, nothing grows well at the foundation. If it is not necessary to plant there, I avoid it at all costs.

One rickety path and two sickly-looking beds will be easily outshone by properly flooring what is a natural courtyard area anyway.

Karin L

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hurly03(zone 4b colorado)

adriennemb, that's a great idea! where would you put the bench? up against one of the walls? trying to figure out where it would look best...

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