Help with Landscaping/Grading Issue

auggie1020June 15, 2013

Hi All: I hope the attached pic appears. I was wondering if anyone had ideas on this small area outside my kitchen door. We have an acre corner lot but this little 25 by 25 ft section up against the house has been a bugger to deal with. If you can see from the picture, the water curls around the granite that the BGE sits on (I placed the containers on top of the path to highlight the path of water) and collects right in front of the kitchen door where the little path ends. There is a lot of water that collects there, which seems to be the low point of this area, but it may be only a couple of inches lower than up against the house. How can I grade/plant/change the area stop the collection of water right here. I would rather not install a drain because that would entail cutting 40 feet of driveway to install properly. It does not get much sun and I really just want low maintence and for the dirt to not run off. Thanks for any ideas!

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Does the ground go up in the area in front of the green bucket? Is there a small berm following the contour of the patio?

Looks as though you need to lower the area in front of the purple and green buckets so that the water will flow over the large paved area (driveway?). Also, after you have properly graded it away from the house, I'd plant the whole area in a ground cover so that you do not continuously have soil or mulch washing away.

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