Shrub/Plant ideas for side of the house

scott_mackayJune 30, 2011


The south side of our house, some straight 30' or so (most sunny side) is in need of some loving. It is a blank slate and I am laying down pebble stone, about 3' deep, and have no idea what to put in there vegetation wise. I wanted to keep it simple with some nice and low maintenance additions.

It is in the country so I would rather not have anything laying all over the stone so I can better prevent hiding places for critters. I eventually will do something like that for the back (west) of the house, also pretty straight, unadorned, with a deck as the only real feature so simple will be good. Thank you for any suggestions!


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Not much to go on. Is the 3' of pebbles against the house and you want to plant something in front of that? How much deeper than the mentioned 3' do you want to give over to planting space? Or, do you want to plant things in the pebbles that stay upright and won't flop over onto the pebbles?

What do you like; shrubs, blooming perennials, evergreens; things that are more likely to be deer resistant?

Low maintenance is a relative term. What are you willing to do to keep things looking "nice"?

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karinl(BC Z8)

I'd suggest you consider conifers, and look especially into junipers as you are on the sunny sides. I can't decide whether the pebbles will aggravate the heat on the plants through reflection or help to cool the soil for them. Likely a bit of both.

The upright junipers include many interesting ones such as gold cone, a contorted form, and several blue ones like Wichita Blue, Blue Arrow, etc.

Other than this, spruces may also like the conditions; again there are many ornamental varieties that can make for a very interesting display.

Ask over on the Conifers forum for places to shop in your area.

BUT to tell you the truth, many people jump to the conclusion that breaking up a wall requires planting AT the wall. It doesn't, depending on how much yard you have adjacent to the wall. If you have space, plant a tree or some deciduous shrubbery out there, and in many cases, from many angles, it softens the house wall just as well AND keeps the mess and habitat away from the house.

Deciduous shrubs will grow out from any wall reaching for the light, which is why I wouldn't recommend them for a wall planting.


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