Retaining wall fill dirt - can it contain old sod?

gemartJune 5, 2010

Hello - I'm digging up old weedy sod in one place and want to build a couple retaining walls with steps going down through them in another place and was wondering if it's possible to use some of the huge clumps of grass/dirt to fill part of the retaining wall area with. I know if it's too close to the top the grass will grow, but how deep down would it have to be to NOT grow? Or is there something else I should do, etc. Thanks!

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There are other problems as well. It will not compact properly and will settle over time as the organic material degrades. Organic material also tends to impede drainage.

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No. When the grass decays, it leaves holes in the dirt, which in turn may be come sub-surface erosion channels. Then one day the whole shebang collapses a few feet, with you and the lawnmower in the resulting sinkhole. Or the erosion channels undermine the retaining walls and the walls collapse.

Pile the weedy sod somewhere, root side up, and cover it with a pile of something compostable. In a couple of years, use it somewhere.

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Thank you for your valuable feedback!

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