Growing Tomatoes in Shavings or Sawdust Instead of Soil

yumtomatoes(10a/FLA)August 14, 2011

This is for container tomatoes. Has anyone tried this? I presume shavings means wood shavings.

It was recommended as less troublesome than using soil in the UF article linked to below on page 5 "Container Culture."

Here is a link that might be useful: UF Article

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I have to disagree with that logic. Firstly, sawdust is VERY fine in texture, and would probably just turn into a soupy mess, and not allow for good aeration. Secondly, any uncomposted wood product like sawdust or wood shavings will tie up nitrogen as it decomposes. Also, unless they are your wood shavings, how do you know what's in the shavings? Were they swept off of the floor, and if so, what else was on the floor? Is there sawdust from treated lumber in it? I would be more concerned with it being a poor potting mix though.


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It didn't sound like a good idea to me, either, but I wasn't sure since the source is reputable.

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