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PucelleAugust 8, 2013

I just received a Neem tree that was shipped to me from Florida via USPS Priority Mail. It arrived pretty well intact in with it's root system in a 12" 'soil-less' pouch. I went out and bought a (12.5x9.75) pot, some Black Gold Natural & Organic Potting Soil, and a storage container for the extra soil. After I got home I realized the pot I bought isn't big enough (largest size you can handle, is really vaugue) so i decided to just leave it in it's pouch for another day and do research. My research led me to a minimum 10 Gallon pot for a decent sized tree & too this site regarding potting mixture.

So now I have 16 Q of potting soil which seems to take up half of my 10 gallon storage container that I'm not sure how to make use of. I got 5 plants (Neem tree, Gotu Kola, Brahmi, Chaya, & Aloe Vera) and only one of them requires moist soil. I've never grown stuff indoors only in a yard and hadn't realized how different it was. I was planning on getting some additional plants to improve indoor air quality but I will now probably wait until I learn more.

So, with the soil that I have, what can I add to it to make it better? I know that I need to add fertilizer (6-6-6) and water when put it together in the pot for the Neem tree but what should I add to the potting soil to make it more airy/well drained? I'm was planning on buying the largest pot that I could find that would fit on moveable coaster so that it can enjoy the sun while it lasts here in the Pacific North West & bring it inside for winter. For some reason, I thought there were pots with wheels built in but I guess they were just cleverly disguised coasters.

Also, when I had a yard, I used a combination of liquid fermented fish meal (by-product of fish oil production), unsulphured black strap molasses, & raw milk diluted with water as a fertilizer. Can I still use it for potted plants?

In addition, I just moved to PNW from Northern Va so I'm also out of my element in terms of weather, water, and local resources.

I watered all the plants in their shipping containers (except the Neem Tree since it's not in a pot and the bag still seems moist) and put them outside on the window balcony so that they could get the morning sun. I hope to move them all into containers this afternoon/evening once I figure out the soil.

Thanks in advance,

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Hi Pucelle,

You can add perlite to make your soil more draining.

Regarding your organic/natural fertilizers, I have used Fish Emulsion successfully on potted plants, but my potted plants sat on an enclosed porch. If you are planning to keep these inside the living quarters, you will get some stink due to fish emulsion. Most of your fertilizers are derived from food, therefore there is a chance that they will decompose and give out unpleasant smell.

If you are open to getting newer plants indoors to use your extra soil, and if you have a spot with decent amount of sun, then I'd highly recommend herbs. They are low maintenance and can be used in cooking as well :-).

Hope this helps!

Also, I'd appreciate if you could share the information on your source where you got your neem tree from.

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