Rules apply for planting a tree that has a front and back

cadillactasteJune 28, 2014

I have a long strip of puzzlement is on the placement of my wisteria tree. The tree has a front and a back. The strip it's going on it will be an end planting. I face the front so that we can view it nicely while on the patio beside it. Or look at the side of it from that area and have the front facing the direction I am standing taking this photo. So I am looking at it's front? Or...face the front at the road? Seeing the back of the tree from our patio?
The tree will come down further on the bed...toward the end. Just sat it there when I unloaded it.

If there wasn't the road...which is a private lake road which we are the only house on that road, still...when one drives by do you want them to see the best side of the tree?

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Answered my own question about facing it so where I stood taking the photo being the front facing part of the tree. Looks weird that way. The back side doesn't look bad...just when doing bonsai you want the branches to go away towards the back...this isn't bonsai...looking at the tree...front side or backside still looks decent.

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The back...still looks decent. Sorry for a thread I worked out...though...posting helped me by just typing it all out and pondering what I had said.

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Min3 South S.F. Bay CA

While you were talking to yourself, I was admiring your four legged friend. Love the colors. Min

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Wanted to mention another factor ... that it's not really much of a concern. It's a baby and a vigorous grower. In a very short time, you'll be trimming it to look good from all views.

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yeah, worrying about a thin spot on a wisteria is like going "man, I only have one boy rabbit and one girl rabbit? Gosh, if only I had more..."

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Thanks Min...we love her to pieces. An Australian Shepherd...amazing dogs they are. So smart! We also have English bulldogs which...are stubborn, so having a dog that listens and strives to please. Is amazing! Her name is Ahsoka like in the character of Clone Wars when it aired on TV. Oh...her coloring is considered Blue Merle Tri. (Tri since she has copper on her face and such...white...then the Merle.) I attached a photo that I took this past winter on our walk in a winter wonderland...fresh fallen snow...untouched by man.
Yardvaark...good point! was a less aggressive wisteria tree than the other variety that they also had at the nursery. It totally looked wild! Vines sprouting from the trained multi trained trunk. The nursery guy says he leaves them unpruned so the newbie owner knows what they are in for. Mine...had a sucker at the base...which I was told to tear off verses prune. He said mine would sucker verses vine like crazy like the other trunks were doing with the other variety of wisteria trees.

I may wish to save that sucker...It too has bloom buds. A foot tall it I need to look into air layering...or seeing if it would root if I tore it off. If it's even possible. your choice of words were priceless!

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Min3 South S.F. Bay CA

Oh WOW! your photo of Ahsoka is a classic- with the white of the snow and dark tree limbs and trunks and her beautiful colors, I'm convinced it could win a photo prize- and believe me I have looked at a lot of contest photos of dogs.
Oh... sorry everybody, were we talking about planting a tree?

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Thanks Min...I have been asked to enroll a few of my photos into a photo contest. Historical Society does a mill are judged. I have several nature photos that they also feel worthy of being judged. The photo of Ahsoka...I stood paused...thinking how as you all just worked so well together in composition. That I almost lost the photo in retrospect. Glad I didn't...that one was requested to be placed in the contest as well.

Another favorite of that walk...

Now...back to planting trees. ;)

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junco East Georgia zone 8a(zone 8a)

Is your wisteria the native wisteria frutescens? You will really enjoy that--the flowers are smaller than the chinese species, but you will get some continued bloom through the summer.
And it is definitely less aggressive than the other.

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Wasn't sure what the variety it was. The owner of the nursery was frustrated it wasn't marked clearly. But...was confused that it had spent bloom stems...yet, had an abundance of bloom buds. The bloom stems that were spent were much smaller than the other wisteria trees which had those jungle vines all over the trained trunk. Those jungle wisteria trees after investigation...had no bloom buds like the one I brought home. He was shocked to see it was blooming a second time.

I guess time will tell. But I love that it may bloom more often than most! I appreciate your input junco. I will research that variety...and watch mine bloom closely. You may have just pegged the variety I have!

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Researched the variety you mentioned...junco...that it's on it's second bloom cycle leaves me quite hopeful that it is the one you mentioned. Leaving me more estatic than prior...I mean...that would mean this second bloom cycle isn't a fluke! But the characteristic of the variety itself.

Thanks again for tossing that out there.

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Junco...the trained tree has bloomed...what do you think? I have my hand/thumb for comparison of size of blooms. Very small...which I knew when I bought it it would be. Very petite blooms are actually very cute. Since I do bonsai...the sucker will be air layered next spring...but even it bloomed!

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You can see...even the larger racemes/blooms are far smaller than the traditional wisteria. So I believe your right...I have some variety of the native wisteria.

The Amethyst Falls has a horrible reputation for smelling bad or no scent at all. This one has a very slight sweet floral fragrance that was surprising. The neighbors are taken with this trained vine that is tree formed. And have all commented on it's faint sweet scent being so beautiful. Which it is pleasant.

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