Slow in Potager forum/Pics of Vegetable Sprouts

scarletdaisies(6)April 9, 2010

I have some pics of my potager/vegetable garden. I don't have raised beds, but it's a potager by nature of the mix of herbs, flowers, and vegetables.

A few things sprouted in the ground, lots of unrecognizable stuff in the pots. It rained on my pots and 3 of the 10 pots lost their labels.

In the ground though, if you want to look at my blog, as humble as it may be, to see my sprouts and maybe help recognize a thing or two. Some are just pretty weeds that I surely didn't plant.

Here's my blog at:

Here is a link that might be useful: My blog

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The "It could be broccoli?" photo doesn't look like broccoli to me. It looks something like a tree seedling.
"Is this a Marigold?" It could be.
"Your choice, bunching onion, Spanish onion, or Garlic?" Well, if I had to, I'd go with garlic.
"These have to be chives." I think so, too.

There are some helpful pictures of vegetable seedlings linked below.


Here is a link that might be useful: the Westside Gardener

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lantanascape(z6 Idaho)

It's so nice to see sprouts coming up. I really don't think that second sprout photo is any sort of mint, though. The leaves look wrong. All mints will have square stems and opposite leaves (the leaves are in pairs sprouting out on opposite sides of the stem).

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twc015(7b/8a SE Arkansas)

The possible broccoli is most certainly not broccoli. Brassicas have immediately recognizable leaves (cotyledons and true leaves are both unique). The broccoli leaves look very similar to the turnip leaves -- the cotyledons are the same shape.

The mints do not look like mints to me either. They are weeds around here and the leaves look different.

I cannot be sure on the lavender as the picture is blurry but my English lavender does not look like that but it is very young.

The photo below the lavender is a weed; they are everywhere around here right now; probably cool season as I don't see them in summer. It has an easy-to-pull taproot if it is young.

A hint on determining mint/lavender plants: they are related and both their cotyledons are the same. The cotyledons look almost like a perfect half circle and they are short.

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The lavender could be fennel or savory. The broccoli could be New Zealand spinach. I think it's garlic too. I had a plan laid out, but the rain pushed seeds elsewhere and I might not have gotten the rows correct when I wrote down what I planted where. Just a few changes, but it should be somewhere near there.

I've got multicolored lettuce sprouting too, but not the green variety in the mix yet. All of the squash, 4 of them, are up, 3 of the 4 pumpkin are now up, so today I'll be searching for second sets of leaves on the rest. I think the Pequin peppers are up, but only 2. I'll get snap of those today.

Thanks for the help and I'll have to see what else I planted there if those are not mints, maybe borage?

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anney(Georgia 8)

To ID marigolds you have to wait until the first true leaves show. Then you'll recognize them.

I left this blurry pic large to show the serrated leaves, quite distinct from the cotyledons.

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Do they have a red stalk? Also it depends on the type of marigold. This is the picture I was going by:

And this one:

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twc015(7b/8a SE Arkansas)

Those are marigold seedlings. Some types do have red stems.

Also, i noticed that marigolds can grow roots out of stems so they could be buried a little deeper if some ever get too tall.

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What about this one?

My hands are too shaky. I'll try again tomorrow to get a good one.

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Edie(5 NY (Finger Lakes))

That last one looks like a maple seedling to me. I pulled out lots of maple babies today.
Are those white objects in your blog pics - mothballs?

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anney(Georgia 8)

They look like those tiny marshmallows to me!


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They are mothballs, but they were taken up within an hour of putting them down. I planted garlic next to them and I'm sure they would have poisoned my root vegetables and edible lettuces nearby.

I have some other sprouts that look more like the marigold leaves on the second set of leaves, so these maybe maple. I just didn't want to pull them up as a weed if they were my marigolds. I planted some last year and none sprouted, now I see a variety of new shoots resembling those more in the picture of the real ones, not those in my yard.

Do you really think they could be maple? The leaves don't look like maple. I did get some leaves from my dad's yard and he's got lots of maples.

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The plant I thought was Fennel,or Lavender, was a dandelion and I yanked it up this afternoon. The leaves were weird compared to the other dandelions you usually find that resemble longer turnip greens. I found 4 cabbage sprouts, about 10 stalks of only the reddish looking lettuces, lots of real marigolds with the second leaves looking like that in the pots above, and some poppies.

I yanked up about 20 of those maple saplings.

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star_stuff(Greensboro NC 7a)

Thanks for posting those pictures scarletdaisies!

I have some mystery seedlings too, and they look exactly like those pictured, with red stems. I know that mine are either Dwarf Bolero Marigolds (a French variety I believe), OR Crackerjack Marigolds (Giant). Does anyone know which of these varieties has red stems? I really hope it is the Dwarf Bolero, because it gives me a head start.

Thanks! :-)

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Someone in one of the forums posted pictures of them:

These are the first ones you listed:

These are the crackerjack Marigolds:

How about those? I couldn't get a good picture, but it looks like both the stems are red.

I think what I thought was a mint plant was either a hibiscus plant or oregano, still it looks like a mint plant to me.

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