Sump pump pipe

Mike1944June 7, 2013

I installed sump pump water discharge line into underground. Since my sump pump has water all the time so the end opening always wet. I am thinking to tie my pipe to village catch basin. The catch basin has two holes. One is for intake and another is for outlet. My neighbor connected his pipe to this basin two years ago from the left side of basin but the inlet of basin is on right side. They must have something around the basin. My neighbor moved so I cannot ask him. Anybody has idea? The Village won;t tell me until I apply permit.

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deviant-deziner(Oh zone)

Freedom of information act. - also contact your state agency.
Most city , town and county offices want you to comply with drainage tie ins , that is what the planning part of the planning, buliding and inspection department is all about. You pay their salaries via your taxes so that when you require help with their infrastructure they are there to assist you. They should not be confrontational, after all, they are going to get revenue from you when you apply for the permit and you might as well do the installation to their code compliance.
To not give you this basic information is assinine.

You may have to change the intake pipe so that it has two sided catch basin assemblies. The NDS catalog most likely has what you need.

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