Narrow along house. Opinions please.

alaMel(4a)June 4, 2011

I have a narrow stretch of lawn about 60-70ft along my house. This is at an angle to the street, so some curb appeal is missing. I've been fiddeling with a design but need some opinions please. There is maybe 6ft from my house to a pathway sidewalk. I had planned on going up for some visual interest in a 3 ft wide bed the whole length, but am kind of stuck with the lack of architecture and considering breaking it up into several beds. So the intitial full length plan was to have large windowless areas (3) filled in with a mixed trellis of dark pink and purple Clematis. Under a large lower window, New York Aster flanked on each side by said trellis mix. Intermittent with Orange Crush day lilies. I really liked the color mix of bright/dark purple, pink and orange. Plus I already have a large cluster planting of the daylilies, the aster, and one pink Clematis vine. They just need to be moved. There is also a back door on this side that I have two 'sensation' lilacs planted (babies). Full sun on one end and a large White Ash provides part shade on the other. Also would like blooms all season and don't know if this mix is going to cut it. Also at my disposal for transplanting are, purple double decker cone flower, silver mound(2), tri-colored stonecrop, shasta daisy, sunscape daisy, Endless Summer hydrangia, and Jacobs ladder. Suggestions??

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missingtheobvious(Blue Ridge 7a)

That's an amazing color combination. Does the daylily rebloom in your zone?

The best suggestion I can give at this point is that you post photos.

And I'm curious how having lawn at an angle to the street would result in the absence of curb appeal.

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karinl(BC Z8)

I think you've nailed the challenge nicely by pointing to "lack of architecture." Plan some places to "be" along the area; that can define your distinct planting areas - slabs of paving that can hold a chair or a bistro set, a potting station, or a big pot for that matter. I often put containers in my beds to create topography where the is none. Even if you put them on a paving stone they still do get splashed with dirt at the bottom, but the overall effect is good, and cross-seasonal.


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Daylily does not rebloom. :( I thought one had to buy reblooming daylilies to get that effect? @karinl, we really dont want to "be" over there. lol There is plenty of space on the other side of the house. Plus this sidewalk I speak of is a neighborhood hot spot for everyone getting to and from the park, pool, and nearby C-store. It's a very busy sidewalk. I will see if I can get my mobile to take smaller file sized pics and get them posted today. It is a trailor, so please snicker privately. lol

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The curb appeal issue is that people driving by see a pretty boring blank side of the house and the front yard. We however spend most of our time on the other two sides of the house. So considering looking for some Garden junk to plant for architecture, but not sure. It has fit in, not literally junk up the yard. lol

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Here goes with a pic attempt.

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I posted a pic in "gallery" mode. I gues thats the only way i can pull pics off my mobile. Thanks for your opinions gals and guys. The post subject is looong narrow space.

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Here's a link to the picture.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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karinl(BC Z8)

Some more discussion in your other thread - I think the defining issue is not just the long narrow part, but that it is adjacent to a public sidewalk with normal hellstrip problems. Is that your front door down at the end, or if a back door, used often?

What's important is to identify your objective, because it actually doesn't get better than lawn for such an application from a care/abuse standpoint. Are you wanting more space to exercise your gardening, or is it just about the looks?


Here is a link that might be useful: Related thread

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That is the back door that is rarely used. Well my objective I guess is that this is the true full sun spot. I do have a few other areas, but mostly in odd places. I REALLY wanted some Clematis in those large blank wall spaces. And I guess I would like more space to garden. I have a front yard full shade bed. A part sun (6hrs) bed by my front door, but need a sunnier spot for most of these plants. I guess I want more options than only shade plants and thought this the ideal spot. I also just thought it would make the neighborhood more plesant and welcoming. I really wouldn't mind making the whole thing a public cutting garden, but I'm hesitant about the labor intensity of this. :/ Either way, at minimum, I would like some Clematis on the 'empty' wall space. I really welcome all opinions here.

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bump. any other opinions? Smaller raised beds? I guess I have till next spring to figure it out,......

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I definitely would not remove all of the sod. Start small with enough room for your clematis. Maybe to the side of your door.

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