What bushes to plant near house

newyard_zone7June 14, 2006

I just bought a house and they have had to remove some bushes to make a repair to the foundation. The repair is done and part of the deal was that they replace the bushes. Now I have to pick bushes. We live in Atlanta which is zone 7. The space is about 2x8 and is between the house and the walk way. It is partly shady. What bushes would you recommend. I think the ones there were boxwoods I would like something that flowers at some point and has greenery the rest of the year. I'm very open to suggestions and am currently considering azaleas, indian hawthorne, or gardenias but am not sure if those are right.

Please post ideas ASAP! Thanks so much!

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maro(z8 WA)

To start, scroll down to the thread "Front of house gardening" and you'll find a lot to read.


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Two feet wide is pretty tight though. Anyway to expand it? If not, you might just need to do groundcover there.


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Unfortunately, there isn't a good way to expand it. The bush can grow out over the walk a bit. There were very mature boxwoods there that seemed to love the space though so I'm hoping I'll find something else that is prettier that will also be happy there.

I will definitely check out that other thread.


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nativenut(z7B GA)

Do you have your heart set on shrubs? Perennials or ornamental grasses would fit well in that tight spot. What do you like, the formal, tightly clipped hedge look, or a more relaxed untrimmed plant? What is the soil like? Will you or can you water it? Look into "foundation plantings" here on GW and spend a little time thinking. Just because you ripped out boxwood (probably Japanese hollies, unless they smelled like cat urine) it does not mean you have to put them back.

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Brent_In_NoVA(z7/6 VA)

Hmmm...I seem to recall a recent thread (the last month or two) from a guy with a side entry garage that was trying to create a foundation planting in the 2' area between the walk and the garage wall. I seem to remember some good advice given on that thread, but I could not turn it up with a couple searches (it sure would be nice if this site let you order search results by date).

I did come across the thread below that might be of some use.

- Brent

Here is a link that might be useful: Need Front House Advice

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