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Tina_n_Sam(CT-Z6)June 9, 2013


I originally posted this in the New England forum. But, then, realize we have a Landscaping one.

I would like to turn this section of lawn (if you can call it that due to grub infestation) to a flower bed.

It is located on the southwest side so it gets the hot, dry, and sunny afternoon. There is a big maple on the right so there's no morning or noon sun. The area is 7.5 feet wide at the point next to the driveway and becomes a little wider as you move toward the house. You can move back about 25 or 30 feet toward the house until the area becomes shaded by the maple.

Also, the ground slopes slightly downward as you move away from the house.

I was wondering about planting ideas. I am very challenged when it comes to decorating and designs. I can't even decorate my bedroom.

What type of plants will do well in this condition?

Right now, I have two free plants as shown in the picture. On the left is a 'Happy Face' Bush Cinqefoil Potentilla fructicosa white ( sh-cinquefoil/). On the right is a Rosa 'Harballred' Look-A-Likes Hydrangealicious (; plant_id=1877)

I read that these two plants like moist soil so they may not be a good idea for this location. I want to avoid watering unless necessary.

This picture was taken today, June 9th, at 11:30AM. You can see that most of the yard is shaded. The little bright area at the top left is due to the neighbor's half dead maple.

Thanks for your time,

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You might want to try the perennials and shrubs forums for specific plant suggestions. Most posters here tend toward suggesting yard lay outs and conceptual plant placement.

I have an area on the SW side of some trees so it gets full sun about 3-6. I rarely water it. I grow a variety of plants, starting with my sunniest side: perennial lobelia, chocolate eupatorium, garden phlox, day lily, bearded iris, veronica, deutzia, bird nest spruce, false cypress, peony, Korean spice bush, clematis bushy bluebell, dianthus, lady's mantle, toad lily, astilbe (like it wet though), fern leaf bleeding heart, bleeding heart, digitalis, hostas, ferns, delphinium, heuchera, tiarella, salvia, monkshood, snapdragons, nigella.

Some ground covers that might do well there: pachysandra, sweet woodruff, lirope.

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Thank you, trovesoftrilliums, for the tip and the plant suggestions.


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Maples have really shallow roots and so it makes it tough to find plants that do well in their shadow. I think the plant suggestions made by ToTrilliums were really good. I have a really deeply shaded backyard with Manitoba Maples surrounding, but it's really wet too since we're just off a lake so the maples impact us less. You'd do well looking for dry shade lovers and there aren't many of them......but here's a list that should work in New England (even though it's from the UofMinnesota)

Here is a link that might be useful: Dry Shade Loving Plants

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Post another photograph showing the house front.

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