Fertilizing with the 5:1:1 or Gritty Mix

pkapeckopickldpepprz(z9 a/b FL)August 16, 2010

Al's mixes are new to me so I am not used to having to supply fertilizers as much as this will need.

What is the frequency needed on average and I understand every plant has different needs, but is there a general rule of thumb that would work for a majority of plants in containers?

Also what types of fertilizers can one use without having to buy synthetic or pre-packaged organics that are expensive?

I did alter the 5:1:1 mix in substituting the Peat portion with a Peat/Compost 50/50 mix since I make compost I would hate the idea of my plants not getting ANY nutrients from the mixes. So far the peppers and tomatoes haven't died so that's good.

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greenman28 NorCal 7b/8a

I'm a habitual underfeeder...always have been.
This is the first year, in fact, that I've shown any kind of consistency with fertilization.

The quick answer is this: it depends on the plant, and the frequency of watering.
Usually I would say it depends on the soil, too, but you've helped control that by
using the two types of gritty mix, which flush very well.

I fertilize my maples and conifers about once a month. Most other plants I fertilize
every two weeks or so.


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jojosplants(9/ Tucson, Az.)

Like Josh says... It depends alot on the plant.

Most of mine im feeding every two weeks. Some tree's included. But my apricot sulks and starts to yellow, so I feed it once a week.

My elephant ears and squash every few days.


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pkapeckopickldpepprz(z9 a/b FL)

Ok so maybe every other week to once a month. That's not too bad.

Here is what I have done in the past so let me know if I am missing something as far as nutrients go. I usually added Fish Emulsion in with water, every so often I'd spray with Epsom Salts and also use to water in with, and then within the last couple of years I have been using rabbit manure tea, or fresh rabbit manure. I would also cut up and add chopped banana peels under the top layer of soil as well as crushed egg shells fairly regularly (at least every other week), and maybe every other month I would add Triple Super Phosphate to cover the NPK requirements. Compost tea I would add maybe 3 times a year at most.

Anything I am missing?

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pkapeckopickldpepprz(z9 a/b FL)

I forgot to mention the bulk of my plants are Hot Peppers, Tomatoes and Roses.

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greenman28 NorCal 7b/8a

Well, I would forego all of that.
If you must, use the Fish Emulsion and the Epsom Salts...but not the other stuff.

I use Foliage Pro 9-3-6, and that's it.


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pkapeckopickldpepprz(z9 a/b FL)

Why not the other stuff? I have used it for years and they work great. Especially the rabbit manure, it's one of the few types of manures you can use on plants that won't burn the roots and it is considered an almost perfectly balanced fertilizer.

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greenman28 NorCal 7b/8a

Why use the 5-1-1 if you're going to defeat the structure and drainage with banana and egg-shell?


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pkapeckopickldpepprz(z9 a/b FL)

It's not inhibiting drainage with banana and egg shell. I am using like 20 gallon pots and the banana and egg shells are mixed in with just the top layer of soil (not even down to the roots) underneath my mulch layer. The banana is broken down rapidly and once watered in, feeds the roots necessary potassium. No problem with drainage at all and down here in Florida things are usually slanted towards drought when we don't get daily rain which it hasn't rained in about a week now.

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suddensam(10 Boynton Beach)

Im not trying to be a wise butt, but why dont you just try one or two containers the next time you plant with foliage-pro from the very beginning. Dont touch it with all the organic stuff, I believe you will find its what your looking for. Ive gone the gunlet over the years and I have long since gave up the egg shells etc. I remember somewhere on here reading about organic fert and how the timing of the release of it is inconsistant pertaining to container growing. I think it was Al talking about fert in containers.
Plant em if you got em.

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