average yeild for bush beans

ccwoodApril 24, 2009

i got some bush beans (blue lake i think), as i have never planted them before i was wondering what the average yeild was per plant, roughly, so i know about how many to plant in the garden this year for the family. thanks.


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RuthieG__TX(z8 TX)

I feel bad that your question hasn't been answered but it's such a toss up question, there really isn't a good way to answer...Depends on:

The success of your garden
How often you pick to keep them growing
Whether or not you fertilize
how many in your family
How often you want to eat green beans
Are you going to store any for later use
how big are the appetites....

If you buy a package of seed, the usual garden package, I would plant the whole thing...

I love green beans and I plant them in as many places as I possibly can but I also freeze them and can them.

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I agree with Ruthie, it's a difficult question to answer. I can honestly say I have never paid attention to yield per plant because I always plant them in clusters.

During the season we use what I consider a lot of beans for fresh eating use. I will guesstimate we eat approximately 1 gallon worth of beans per week. We also freeze perhaps 10-12 gallons of beans for later use. Sometimes a dozen or so pints of dilly beans.

I typically plant a ten foot row of pole beans and a 2'x10' block of bush beans at approximately 6" spacing. If I were more reliable about actually keeping the plants picked I think I could get higher yields. As it is there are at least a few pickings where I am picking oversized, no longer tender beans off the plant and tossing them in the compost pile.

Perhaps that will help you in planning.

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digdirt2(6b-7a No.Cent. AR HZ8 Sun-35)

Agree with all the previous info but a VERY rough estimate on bush beans in an average garden is "a pound a plant". It's one of those "old farmer" sayings. ;) But I sure would lay any money on it.

Once you figure in the trimming of the beans and the lost production from missed pickings that falls off somewhat. The soil condition, timing of the planting, and water regime are vital to good production.

Multiple staggered plantings can increase your production quite a bit, OR switch to pole beans. ;)


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Your guess of 1 lb. per plant is about what I was thinking. I would say a full quart basket total per single plant if picked regularly, maybe 3 or 4 times.

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Since they're always compared with the season-long yield of pole beans, folks usually don't expect much. But I've always been pleasantly surprised. A big first yield, then a smaller second harvest.

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Try Strike for Bush beans, they are productive for several-many pickings before they peter out.

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ediej1209(5 N Central OH)

We love green beans; we usually do at least 4 plantings. We always plant bush beans. Last year was TopCrop and Contender. I never actually measured the yield, but we got at least 3 pickings off of each planting, plenty for fresh plus enough frozen to get through the winter. This year, I'm trying "Jade". I like to try new things. If we don't like them, we'll go back to what we know works.

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